Proactive Strategies for Nursing Staffing Challenges | FTI Consulting


[co-author: Kevin Davidson]

Covid-19 has dramatically changed the healthcare landscape, presenting hospital executives with unprecedented challenges. The reduction (or even discontinuation) of electoral processes, although temporary, has put financial pressure on many organizations. To cope with the increased need for care caused by the pandemic, hospitals are increasing their procedural services capacities to cope with the backlog from last year and the current wave of delta variant cases. All of these efforts require more resources, and especially more caregivers.

However, the lack of care reported in several regions of the United States has hampered recovery efforts. The vacancy rate for state-approved nurses (RN) reached 9.9% in 2020, and in more than a third of the hospitals the vacancy rate is over 10.0%. In order to meet the increasing demand for staff, institutions have sought help from additional recruitment agencies. Travel nurse rates have risen well above the historical premium of 25 to 50%. Payment packages of $ 10,000 per week and $ 100,000 for a 13-week deployment have been reported.

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