How Pakistani forces killed two little children in Hoshab, tried silencing protesting parents as the world watches on


Early in the morning of October 10, 2021, the Border Corps (FC) Baluchistan killed two Baluch minors in the Hoshab area of ​​Turbat Baluchistan and injured another one with mortar shots. Two of the children killed were identified as Allah Baksh, his sister Sharatoon (Malee) aged 5 and 7, and one wounded who was identified as Muskan. All three children were playing in the back of their house when FC staff fired mortar shots, killing two of the three victims and seriously injuring one.

The incident shocked Balochistan; Baluch social media activists, political parties, student organizations and human rights groups called the incident inhuman and barbaric and an example of extreme aggression and hatred against the Baluch nation.

The family of the children killed protested along with the bodies on Shaheed Fida Chowk in Turbat against the Pakistani security forces who fired the fatal mortar shot that resulted in the death of the two children.

According to family members, authorities tried to gloss over the crime committed by the security forces by saying that the children did not die from the mortar shot, but that they mistook a hand grenade for a toy and were killed because of a grenade explosion. Deputy Inspector Kech, Hussain Jan, can also be seen in a viral video, saying that FC was not involved in the killings. DC Hussain Jan was also criticized for telling an older woman to keep quiet because the men talk to each other during the sit-in.

The victim’s family has rejected the demands of the local administration, saying that they will continue to protest and that their children will not be buried until justice is done.

After two days of protests in Turbat, the family decided to march with the bodies of their children to Quetta, Balochistan. After the announcement that the bodies would be brought to Quetta. The same forces involved in the murder of the children tried to put pressure on the family to somehow prevent them from reaching the capital of Balochistan. But the determined Baluch mothers and elders not only resisted the powerful forces, but also reached the capital of Balochistan and started recording their protests outside the governor’s house.

The family and bodies were received by the Quetta locals and the sit-in protest for justice in the capital continues, but it seems the Provisional Government is more seriously concerned than listening to the people of Balochistan.

The Prime Minister of Balochistan, Jam Kamal, and his party are eagerly fighting for the supreme ministry. Pakistani mainstream media, politicians, human rights groups and so-called activists have shown no interest in this aggression.

The people of Balochistan have spoken out against such brutality and oppression. You have told local and international human rights organizations, the civilized world and neighboring countries about Balochistan’s suffering. But it seems as if the whole world turned a blind eye to the issue of Balochistan. Because of the world’s criminal silence, Pakistani armed forces even attack Baluchi and children on a daily basis.

The incident in Hoshab is not an isolated incident; Balochistan, for example, faces similar forms of aggression on a daily basis; In the last week of September in Aabsar, Turbat, Pakistani troops killed an elderly Baluchin, Taj bibi. Another minor was killed by police in Buleda on October 1 during a house search.

All these crimes against the Baluch people go unheard and go unnoticed because the civilized world chooses not to speak against the fascist regime of Pakistan. The people of Balochistan are as human as anyone else in the world. And it is the responsibility of the civilized world to help the Baluchs get rid of these brutalities if they want a peaceful and stable region and a world free from religious terrorism.