Hours Before Autopsy, Laundrie Attorney Scraps Presser To Protect Client ‘Interest’


Steven Bertolino, Brian Laundrie’s attorney, has received more than 30 1-star reviews on Google since substituting for Gabby Petito’s fiancé after her disappearance.

Most checks began three days ago after it was announced on Friday that Laundrie was missing and that his family had first spoken to investigators in depth.

A review left by Bill Bizzo said: “People like this Bertolino make lawyers look like slime. It seems he’d rather hurt the Petitos than help them find their poor daughter. HE’S DISGUSTING!”

Another from Laura Richardson read: “Really? A man drives off with his partner; comes back in a partner vehicle without a partner; hires YOU and you tell him to hide while you shake hands with his partner’s family. . looks like a big theft to me … arrest him! “

One user, David N, wrote, “He’s a slimy. Customer confidentiality is important, but about someone’s life? Bad morals. Hopefully he has no children. “

Other reviews criticized Bertolino’s professionalism, quality, responsiveness and value. Some users simply left an asterisk with no explanation.

There are no Google reviews of Bertolino before he took on Laundrie. However, a Womply review from May 2019 rated it 5 stars without comment.

Bertolino has been practicing law in Long Island since 1994 after earning his Juris Doctor from Hofstra Law, according to his website. He works in areas of law including real estate law, business law, civil and commercial disputes, personal injury law, and criminal matters.

The attorney is expected to hold a press conference on Tuesday at 1 p.m. in Long Island to discuss his client’s whereabouts and / or the FBI search, according to Tampa Bay reporter Shannon Clowe.