Creation of an Immediate Action Group Against the International Network of Human Smugglers Responsible for the Tragedy that Occurred in Chiapas


Formation of an immediate action group against the international network of people smugglers responsible for the tragedy in Chiapas *

Mexico City, December 11, 2021

The tragic accident of December 9th in Chiapas has so far killed 55 people of various nationalities and left more than a hundred injured, all allegedly victims of an international network of people smugglers.

We regret the loss of life and extend our condolences and solidarity to the families and friends of the victims. We wish the injured a speedy recovery. The focus was on looking after the injured.

We condemn and reject the criminal acts of international smuggling networks. We work in concert to ensure that accident victims and their families receive the help and consular support they need.

In the face of tragedy and pain, we will act decisively.

The countries of the region announce tonight the establishment of the immediate action group against the network of people smugglers responsible for the tragedy in Chiapas and intend to trace, identify, arrest and bring to justice the members and commanders of the transnational criminal organization responsible for this human tragedy . It is unacceptable that multinational smuggling networks should continue to be responsible for the terrible loss of life. We are jointly committed to using the full weight of the law against those responsible, in addition to coordinating work to combat human trafficking and smuggling in all its forms.

Each country intends to use existing instruments of legal cooperation to prosecute these crimes in its own territory and to exchange information in a fluent and direct manner in order to present the results to family members and the public as quickly as possible.

This coordination is open to all countries in the region and is already supported by Guatemala, Ecuador, the United States, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.

The countries of the region reaffirm our support for safe, orderly and regular migration and we reaffirm our opposition to the actions of international criminal networks for people smuggling and trafficking.